Jeep Trail Reports

Whether you're hitting the trails this weekend or just web-wheeling, we have your California, Colorado, and Desert Southwest photos and route descriptions.

Pack your roof rack and fill your water jugs! You'll find just about everything you need to hit the trails and get rockin.' Don't worry if you're new to the sport, we can help answer any questions that come up. What have we been up to? Moab!

Steelbender / Flat Pass

Finally some sunshine on the last day in Moab. Steelbender was so close to the condo we couldn’t pass it up. The trail up the mountain was washed out in many areas.

Steel Bender

Dishpan Springs

After a very long closure due to the fires of 2004, Dishpan Springs Trail was finally reopened, so we headed up to Lake Arrowhead. Upon entering the canyon which leads to the trailhead, however, we were shocked to see the damage left by the fires.

  • 2006