About the Site

Rock Crawlin'If we haven’t already, we’d like to welcome you to the site. We’re a bunch of Xtreme Jeep Enthusiasts like yourself, and we’d like to hear about your rockin’ adventures too! Be sure to check out the forums for upcoming trail runs, and don’t worry about dues and meetings, we are not a club

Chattin'We’ve come a long way in a relatively short time. Out in the California Mojave Desert is where we mostly Jeep, and we enjoy the San Bernardino Mountain trails too. In July of 2005, a select group of members adopted & 2N84, but have moved on to and now maintain 3N93 – Holcomb Creek Trail as part of the Adopt-A-Trail program of the San Bernardino National Forest. It’s a black diamond trail that you can pick up out of Fawnskin, which was reopened in 2011 after the Butler fire. Dedicated? We are. The US Forest Service presented us with a 3rd place trophy for cumulative hours in 2005, 2006 and 2007. With the adoption of Holcomb Creek Trail (3N93) in 2008, we earned 1st place in hours for ’08 and ’09, second place in 2010 and the ’08 and ’11 Forest Conservation Award! For the 2010-2011 work year we logged an amazing 2954 hours for third place – congratulations to the crew.

We are committed to responsible offroading, including TRAILS not TRACKS, safety & teamwork, and respect for ourselves and our environment. We attend local cleanups and most of the time leave camping areas in better shape than we found them.

If you’re not checkin’ in from out west – no worries – we have thousands+ of visitors each day from across the US! Throughout our adventures, we found a few crazy folks who eat, sleep and breathe the MJR Jeep life. Thanks guys (and gal), you rock.

PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT REI: Although we admit they have cool gear, they do not support motor vehicles! Here are some things they do support.