Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Holcomb Workday November

    By Kurt | We spent the day moving a rock on Holcomb. That would be called Nick’s rock from now on because he’s the one who chose the damn thing. Let’s put it this way, if it was to somehow fall on a Jeep, you would be able to roll the jeep up on a toilet paper roll, that’s how flat it would be. But it fit right where we wanted it, and makes a very nice addition to the other 100 or so boulders we’ve planted in our garden so far. The girls on the other hand moved a substantial amount of bouldreage. Two girls did more work than 5 guys!

    It was a great day, the trail is coming along nicely and with maybe one more run this Fall we can tuck her in and put her to bed for the winter. Thanks to the crew, it was as always an enjoyable day. And El Jacalitos rocks!