Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Holcomb Creek AAT Day Recap

    Our AAT work day on Holcomb Creek began with our usally safety meeting at the Fawnskin Fire Station. Our work group consisded of Tom (Black&Tan TJ), Doug + Tracy(FishPoet), Jason (Jason), Mat (Matterdaddy), Russ (Russ Chung), Nick + Barb (USMC 0369), Jim (Forest Grump), and myself + wife, Ryan + Cathy (Hook&Ladder). Four addtional AAT volunteers also met us to assist our work efforts: Harold, Chris, JC, and Mandy.

    We decided to split into two work groups. The first group consisted of Tom, Jason, Mat, Nick + Barb, Jim, Harold, and Ryan + Cathy. This group set out to clear the trail of downed trees and mitgate hazards. The second group, led by Doug + Tracy, worked with Chris, JC, Mandy and Russ to work on arbor day “activities.”

    The first group split again. Ryan + Cathy with Jim and Harold reconned the trail ahead of first group and cleared trees. Since Jim was chain saw certified we worked cutting and bucking down trees. The remainder of the first group repaired washout sections and cut back over growth.

    As apart of the recon group we traveled most of the trail. Originally we wanted to make it to the West entrace but only made it as far as the “off-camber” section where we had install all the gabion baskets. This section was impassable due to sluff-off from the dirt hillside above. With only four workers we deicided to turn around and return to the other half of the group about 1.5 miles back. It was about 3pm.

    We met up with the rest of the first group at the large rock garden and continued travel toward the east entrance. Once at the stream crossing we spent about an hour cleaning out the down stream flow of branches and logs to help clear out the pooling water.

    We cleared the trail about 5pm and met for dinner at the Cantina.