Jeep Trail Reports

2N84 Final Workday of ’06

November 4 & 5, 2006: We started Saturday morning and we cleared and trimmed trees and brush from 2N84B and 2N84A. Our previous projects including the culverts, sign installs and hill climb blocks are still standing strong. Did I mention we cleared some brush? We also visited the peak and our nonexistent geocache. Yes, folks, it’s been stolen…

Sunday the team did much of the same on 2N84 to finish our trail maintenance plan for 2006. Everyone’s a little banged up and sore, but had a great time cleaning up the trail.


Saturday: Sarah 7.5, Rick 7.5; Tam 8; Chris 8; Tom 8; Cassidy 8; Katheryn 8; Jeff 10.25; John 10.75 = 76
Sunday: Kurt 6; Russ 10; Andrew Weber 11; Fernando & Kids 33 hrs = 60
= 136 hours