Jeep Trail Reports

Ouray Waterfalls

After days of wheeling, we decided it was time to visit the tourist traps before we left town.

Lower Cascade Falls

Lower Cascade Falls can be seen from downtown – especially after a storm. It’s a moderate hike uphill to get to the falls, but it’s well worth it. You can walk right up to the base of the falls – but don’t do this is there is any rain in the forecast! The amount of water flowing from the mountaintop increases exponentially during a storm, as we saw from the safety of our second-story condo.

Box Canon Falls

Box Canon is located at the south end of Ouray and is well marked from the road. A short easy hike takes you to the red metal walkway and it starts to get damp and dark. As you enter the canyon the roar of the falls drowns out all other noises. It’s quite an amazing experience!