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Rick's CJ-7Welcome aboard! We’re a bunch of extreme Jeep enthusiasts like yourself – always on a trail ride or at a Jeep-related event. Check out the forums, and meet some people in your own backyard.

We have been busy fighting for Johnson Valley, Holcomb Creek and much more – and could use your help! Be sure to stop by the land use forum often.

Aaron's CommandoLooking for new places to jeep? Check out our Trail Reports section covering everything you need to know before you head out: photos, writeups, maps, coordinates and more. Check back often because we’re always working on new maps. The Feature section may also be able to help you out with maintenance and installations.

Last but not least, welcome to your Jeep parking! Make sure you check back often – we’d be lying if we still said we’re adding new things all the time – maybe when everyone finds time for something other than facebook.

Thanks for hangin’ out with us!