Jeep Trail Reports

Rusty Nail, Golden Crack & Gold Bar

Our trip continued with a mandatory stop in Moab, Utah. Thursday morning we woke up, ready to conquer Rusty Nail. Although we were ready for the trail, the weather wasn’t willing to cooperate. We arrived at the parking area, unloaded the jeeps and started to head up the mountain. It began to drizzle as we got to the trailhead, but we kept on moving. I’ll have to admit, we’ve never seen it rain like this in Moab before. It sure did look like a different place.

We watched the dark clouds and rain pass by all around us. So far, we weren’t too wet! Aside from the occasional puddle and a little bit of washout, the trail was the same as we remembered it. We had little to no trouble climbing the rocks, with the exception of Rick using his winch once. We ate lunch at a high point on the trail and it seemed like we were overlooking the entire state of Utah. Inching along at a slow pace, and didn’t come across any other rigs until Golden Crack.

The Crack was a little different than we had remembered it – it had obviously been a river at some point, because it was totally washed out. Aaron didn’t even get across, but he had a good time trying. Rick showed some traditional tire as he headed back.

Apparently we didn’t take many photos on Gold Bar. The clouds started getting closer and we tried to pick up the pace as best we could to avoid the incoming storm. Just for the record we didn’t make it back to the trucks in time. It started pouring and the guys had to load up in the rain. We headed back to the condo to dry off and warm up!

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