Jeep Trail Reports

La Sal Mountain Loop Road

It was still raining from the day before, so we had nothing else to do other than go for a drive in the truck. Warning! These photos are not jeep-related, but they’re so cool we figured we had to post them anyway.

Apparently when it rains for a day straight in Moab, rivers form. The rivers don’t know when the edge of the cliff comes up either, or maybe they just don’t care. Either way, they create many, many spectacular waterfalls everywhere you look! Here’s a few of our favorite photos from along the Colorado River.

We started on La Sal Mountain Loop and drove past the Moab Winery. We had to stop! A few tastes later we continued on. It had finally stopped raining and the sun poked out from behind the clouds. We saw cows, deer and many rodents along the way. As we climbed into the La Sal Mountains, we saw yellow aspen along with some great views.

Caution to anyone interested in taking the scenic drive: It’s long!! The road is narrow and there are hairpin turns in quite a few places. Allow at least a couple of hours, and bring a snack if you think you’ll get hungry along the way – there’s no place to stop.

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