Jeep Trail Reports

California Gulch

From Poughkeepsie Gulch we turned onto California Gulch via California Pass. What a view! This trail is very easy and passes by a couple of old mines, an old mill and the ghost town of Animas Forks.

As we made our way down into the valley, we stopped to take in the sights. Behind us was the peak and at the first curve was the old mine shown below. Around the next curve we found Frisco Mill, which is accessible by car from the other end. Unfortunately the cars along with some other 4x4s didn’t know the first thing about yielding or passing. If you do run this trail on a weekend or busy time, be sure to allow a little extra time to get down to Animas Forks due to traffic.

Animas Forks

Founded 1873. Elevation 11,160 FT. Population: 0. In 1885, the summer population reached 450 people. The town weathered the boom and bust cycles of the mining industry until the early 1920’s when the metals prices fell worldwide.