Jeep Trail Reports

Pumpkin Eater

As Rick led us onto the trail, we noticed that the winter rains from last year had really washed the place out. From the intersection to the waterfall was pure rocks! It was a calm and mild winter day in the desert as we began the ascent into the canyon.

Rick, Tammy and Kurt made it up the waterfall with little trouble. Alot of rocks had been stacked at the bottom. Stuart slipped a bit, but winched himself right out. Onward and upward!

This trail shares many views with Achy Breaky, which isn’t far away. The Barstow outlet mall can be seen in the background. We climbed the canyon making great time and decided to continue on the trail.

We headed to the next canyon, crawled some rocks, then returned to the tow rigs. Only damage to report is a slashed MT/R sidewall.