“IDTT” Calico Reunion Run

View Slideshow Opens in a popup window. April 30, 2005: Another year to celebrate friendship and the love of jeepin. Here’s photos from our reunion run – if you haven’t been to one of these yet, stay tuned ’til next year!

Springtime at Dumont Dunes

View SlideshowOpens in a popup window. March 26-28, 2005: The winter rains of 04-05 have incredibly changed the scenery out at the dunes. Dry lakes are now filled with water and wildflowers blanket the ground.

Odessa & Doran Canyon

View Slideshow Opens in a popup window. October 16, 2004: We headed out on another MJR Calico run, now that the temperatures are cooling off a bit. On with the photos…

Doran Entrance

September 27, 2003: Wow, can you say hot? Everyone found their spot in the shade to watch some of the Jeeps try to climb up this vicious gatekeeper.