Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Holcomb Creek Workday

    By Ryan – Eleven hardworking AAT members met at the Fawnskin Fire Station at 9:00am to continue the dedicated effort to repair the Holcomb Creek trail. We started off the day with our usual driver safety meeting and sign in session.

    Our plan for this AAT day was to work on repairing the first rock garden closest to mogul hill near the east entrance (unsure of proper name for this rock garden). Once at the rock garden area, Chuck took the lead coordinating the placement of rocks into the proper configuration to make this part of the trail a “most difficult” section. To accomplish this, the work party split into two groups. Jim, Missy, Ryan, and Cathy pulled “extremely” large (requiring multiple winches) rocks on to the trail.

    On the opposite side of the rock graden area, Russ, Art, Jason + his son, Chuck, Alica, Kurt, and Art used their winches and pulled additional large rocks onto the trail. Throughout the day pry bars and winching evolutions helped move big rocks into place and build the foundation of the rock garden. By days end everyone had used their winch at least once. Kurt also managed to buck some downed trees which were used later in the day to block potiental illegal bypass trails. In total The AAT workparty move approximately 15 rocks each ranging in weight from approx. 500-1500lbs. We concluded our dat at 5:30 and suggest the following be done for the next AAT day:

    -Continue work on the same rock garden area by pulling rocks onto the main trail
    -Block any potiental bypass areas around rock garden
    -Monitor illegal use of trail and check on west end fence.

    Thanks for all the teamwork, lets do it again next month!