Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Holcomb Rock Garden

    By Chuck (Dirtman) – Small group this time out but hard workers none the less. We entered the trail via 3N06X per Greg’s request. Upon arrival to the rock garden we noticed that we definitely had visitors on the trail. Some people decided that the rock garden was a little to difficult so they drove around through the brush.

    Once through the creek they moved the trees we had placed last time. Needless to say we spent the whole day blocking the illegal route. The big rock took us most of the day to get down the hill and in place.

    While the boys were blocking the bypass the girls worked on the rock garden. They did an awesome job. Through out the day we had a few hang ups through the rock garden but by days end it was in great shape. At the end of the day we had blocked a majority of the by pass on both sides. It will need more work.

    On a positive note the growth is amazing. The creek is full of green shrubs and there was so much color. We took the west end out to 3N16. Lots of fresh tracks on the trail. The fence at the end will also need some more work. We did not have the stake driver and 3-4 stakes have been pulled out of the ground and access is easy. We put them back the best we could.

    This day was ruff on the equipment. Broken hub, possible blown winch, torn strap, just to name a few. Thank you.