Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Holcomb Workday

    By Ryan – Our AAT maintenance day began with our safety meeting/sign-in at the Union 76 gas station on HWY 18 at 0830 hrs. Once gathered up, we proceed to the west entrance to Holcomb Creek. Upon arrival to the west entrance we found the wire fence intact. After traveling through the west end rock graden, we rallied up again and established our objectives for our AAT day. Our high priority work was to mitigate trail erosion caused from slope drainage, and install a gabion basket futher up trail to repair a washout/deep rut.

    Mitigate Trail Erosion:
    With the creative minds and handy work of all 11 workers we cut through a dirt bank to divert slope runoff. This section of the trail was listed as a high priority by Greg. Winching was required to move a large boulder to assist in diverting runoff and channeling of water. Small rocks along with fill dirt were used to create a channel to allow water to runoff the trail. Project completed ar 1230hrs

    Repair of washout/deep rut:
    Approximately 100 yard from the previous trail repair another high priority project was undertaken. This maintenace project required the installation of a large gabion basket. All 11 workers assisted in digging out a rutted section to install a gabion basket into the trail. With the use of Scott and Ryan’s jeep, mulitple trips were made shuttling rocks to fill the gabion basket. Once full of rocks, the basket was covered with fill dirt and compacted with Randy and Carmens jeep. Project completed 3:00pm

    Once these two projects were competed we then procceded to the east end to work on the east entracnce gate keeper. Once at the east end entrance/stream crossing, our work party split into two groups. Nick, Kurt, Scott, Randall, Sharon and Cathy worked on blocking illegal access on the left side of the trail. Multiple large downed trees were pulled into place to do this. The other group consisting of Ryan, Carmen, Mike, Ozzy and Randy double winched 3 large downed trees to block illegal access on the right side of the gate keeper. We finished our winching, hauling, and trail maintenance at 6pm.

    After we aired up and checked our rigs we went to Maggios for dinner.

    Suggested trail maintenance for next AAT day
    Work on “repairing” east entrance gate keeper
    Work on “repairing” white rock garden
    Block illegal trials

    Special thanks to Carmen for beening our day long safety officer and photographer.