Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Tree Planting and Survey of 3N93

    Report from Nick and Kurt: Saturday started off really nice with a full morning of planting trees with over 100 volunteers showing up, and according to Tree People, approx. 1200 trees were put into the ground. Quality work too!

    After a little game of “hide-n-seek the volunteer’s pack”; Russ, Jason, Scott and I met at the Volero Gas station in Running Springs and headed off to Green Valley Rd and 3n16 to meet up with Kurt at the west trailhead to 3n93.

    We’ve got a little bit of work to do, but overall ALL of our work from last year is still in place. Some areas may need a little touching up, but our efforts last year have really held strong. It’s been four years since I’ve seen that much water up there; there are water falls everywhere! Still not much green yet, but most of the snow is gone and best of all, the shelf road repairs held tight. Very little erosion anywhere.

    It was a gorgeous day in the forest, wish you all could have been there. It may have started out chilly and foggy, but there’s nothing like a good day on Holcomb Creek. And Kurt, I didn’t need no stinking gloves, but it sure would have been warmer.

    Burning jeep story by Russ: I don’t know the whole story, but the Jeep ran off of Poligue Canyon Road where the pavement ends just north of Northshore Drive and hit a big tree with enough force to smash the front end and deploy the air bags. When the driver attempted to get the Jeep back up on the road, the Jeep caught fire. Both occupants and their dog got out OK. We happened to drive by enroute to the Ranger Station and we could see the flames from the highway. The Jeep was fully engulfed in flames when we arrived. Our handheld fire extinguishers couldn’t do anything against such a big fire, so we worked to extinguish the small brush fires that started until the fire department arrived.