Jeep Trail Reports

Corkscrew Gulch

We started our ’07 Colorado mountain jeep adventure downtown Ouray. Our first morning all was going well and we headed to Corkscrew Gulch trail. The trail is only about 8 miles south of town, along Highway 550 – The Million Dollar Highway. On with Corkscrew! Geotags

We arrived at the trailhead and aired down for the long day of wheelin’ ahead of us. The clouds made for some great photos but had us a little worried about rain. We headed up the trail for our first glimpse of the San Juans backcountry.

We did share the trail with other vehicles that day – but thankfully they were all headed the same direction we were. Although the road isn’t exceptionally narrow, passing an inexperienced driver could get interesting. As we climbed up the moutain and looked back, it was pretty clear how the trail earned it’s name. And did we mention these mountains are HUGE? We continued on 10 south to Silverton, a graded dirt road, with a destination of Red Mountain Mining Area.


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