Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Trail Maintenance Run

    This was the most interesting day on the trail yet. We met Brian, Chris & Tam, Julie, Jesse & Tori and Doug and Tracy at the Big Bear Ranger Station to grab some tools for the day ahead. It was a good thing Doug recommended meeting there too, because there was a mega yard sale going on in the triangle.

    With clippers and garbage-picker-upper-things in hand, we headed up 2N84A. The yellow post was occupied by some friendly folks, although we found alot of toilet paper and other miscellaneous trash not far past it. We noticed the clouds moving in overhead but continued to clip brush and search for trash.

    Dispersed camping was not allowed due to fire restrictions, and we were somewhat shocked to find everyone obeying the rules. We have a couple of nice dispersed sites on the trail which are regularly occupied.

    The thunder began in the distance so we opted to find a low spot and hang out for a bit before heading up to the peak. We literally watched the rain head toward us and we knew right away it wouldn’t be letting up soon – so we decided to head back to Doug & Tracy’s base camp at yellow post 1 to wait out the storm.

    On the way off the trail, the lighting was striking everywhere and the thunder sounded like it was mere feet from the trail. We made it to camp and ate lunch under the easy-ups.

    I forget who turned around first, but we were instantly all in awe of the big smoke cloud behind the trees. Doug called dispatch and asked if our location was safe – and they said no problem. We went back to taking in the view and enjoying each other’s company when a forest representative pulled up and notified us that we needed to evacuate. We did just that.