Jeep Trail Reports

Doran Entrance

September 27, 2003: Wow, can you say hot? Everyone found their spot in the shade to watch some of the Jeeps try to climb up this vicious gatekeeper. Little damage was left on the vehicles after the climb. IGoFshn scraped his corners and Rick has a bit of body damage to show off as well. Despite the heat, everyone had a great time both Friday for the night run and Saturday for the Odessa & Doran canyon run.

IGoFshn was the first to take on the challenge for the day – It took a few different lines to get it right and no winch was needed! After this difficult climb he now needs some corner panels to hide his brand new scratches! Rockin’ run Al!

Chris_L was right behind him with an impressive climb and some really awesome flex shown here!

Nailer341 makes the MJR Book of Records from his first run up this one timed at 45 seconds! Since then he hasn’t been able to beat it, and this time was no different. This go-anywhere Jeep was not ready to give up – and it sure does make this gatekeeper look good! Look for him in upcoming issues of JP Magazine; Your Jeep Rocks!

Rick has been itchin’ to try this climb since day one. With his new 35’s, everyone was just as pumped as he was to watch this great event. We all know what to get Rick for his bday this January – lockers! Maybe he’ll make it next time, but this time made for some rockin’ body damage and a mangled sidestep.

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