Adopt-A-Trail Reports

2N84 Trail visit 07/29/2006

    I was up at Big Bear for a Sunday run with a group from MJR and decided to check out the trail, and especially the “Rock Garden”. The yellow post had a visitor, a couple of guys camping at the site. It looked like they were bienf pretty cool about trash and whatever. I talked to them for bit, then headed off to Little Bear Peak. This part of the trail is a little overgrown but in good shape. The wash that we fixed during the last visit has taken it’s old course again, 90 degrees across the trail. The wash isn’t bad though. Some of the inclines were a little more deeply rutted than last time, but again, not too bad.

    Over at the “Rock Garden”, the weeds have moved in for the Summer. It doesn’t look like anyone had been up there since the last time MJR was there building the garden. The big ant hill to the left of the garden is still there.

    The last part of the trail, where the large tree was moved in May is in good condition. It’s real pretty back there right now, lots of shade and fairly cool breezes. Not much to report there. Just brush overgrowth.

    Nothing else to report from this trip.