Adopt-A-Trail Reports

MJR Meet-N-Greet

    We started the day at Hanna Flat and headed to our Adopt-A-Trail, 2N84. The culverts have held up well throughout the summer but there are a few places where brush should be trimmed. Next time we’ll arrange for trimmers. Our “illegal trail” blockages have held up and there was little-to-no trash on the trail. The Yellow Post site is in excellent condition.

    We stopped there to officially “Meet-n-Greet” everyone in attendance. An hour or so later, all 22 rigs headed up to the peak to take in the view. We fit all but a couple of rigs up there, unbelivably. It was a perfectly clear day which allowed us to see from the Cajon Pass past Big Bear Lake. We checked in on the geocache and signed the red-can peak registry.

    It took a while to get everyone off the peak, and most headed to Butler Peak or John Bull. Brian, Bryan, Jason, CRASH!, Mark and Rick and I decided to continue on 2N84 and patrol the trail.

    We headed down spur B to check on our recent sign install and crossed the rock garden. At the end of the trail we noticed tracks continuing on. We spent some time winching a couple of logs in the road to enforce the dead end.

    We were all getting hungry so we headed back to the Yellow Post for lunch. We left the trail about 1PM.

    We had 17 additional rigs on the trail for the first hour, patrolling 2N84A, the Yellow Post, and Little Bear Peak. This was not included in the hours report.