Adopt-A-Trail Reports

3N93 Trail Maintenance

    After the way the day started I though for sure we wouldn’t get much done. Randy and Carmen’s Jeep broke early on and had to be towed to town for repairs. Jim towed them so they both left for the day. Thanks guys for coming and we hope you got home safely. During the hubbub Greg took a hike up to the shelf road to look at what we have already done. When we got there he was working on the cliff face, knocking sluff off the face. He likes what he saw and gave us the green light to complete the job. Thanks Greg. Ryan was very happy about that…

    We placed two more gabions and filled them with rocks and covered the baskets with the sluff. We rolled some big, big boulders off the top of the shelf and that brought down some more sluff. All in all, we widened the road bed by a couple of feet, got the baskets in and sealed up, tested them with a drive over (Ryan again). It passed the “Greg” test with flying colors. We had to take Greg back to his Jeep at the West end, then sealed up the fence and went to catch up with the rest of the group.

    We all got through the East rock garden with little effort and moved on to Mogul Hill, where Ryan pushed us to move a tree that I’ll bet weighs 20,000 lbs. if it weighs an ounce. It took three Jeeps, three wenches, 6 straps, I don’t know how many D rings and snatch blocks to drag that sucker up and across the upper Right hand side of Mogul. Very cool operation. Safe and sane, no one got hurt.

    We got off the trail after dark and we all rolled down the Hill.