Adopt-A-Trail Reports

3N93 Workday Report

    Thanks to Art, Chuck, Nick, and Tom for their hard work lifting and moving rocks. In total we moved approximatley 7,000-10,000 lbs for rocks to fill 5 gabion baskets.

    All of us met at the gate at 9am and proceeded to the west end of of Holcomb Creek. At the entrance to the west end we found the fence intact. We pulled two stakes out for access. All of us made it through the rock garden..well almost! Art got hung up on some rocks and needed a tug with his winch. Once we cleared the garden we closed and secured the wire fence. We filled up the trailer with rocks and headed to the off camber shelf. Once there we “stair stepped” the shelf for the gabion baskets. After a trivial five minutes of deiceding where to place the baskets, we began the day long effort of loading and unloading the trailer to move rocks so we could fill baskets.

    Total baskets filled = 5

    Total Trailer loads of rocks = 7
    (I figure each trailer load was 1,500-2,000lbs)

    After a long day of shuttling rocks we decieded to run the trail to the east end. Before doing so we cleared the hill side directly above the shelf/trail of loose rocks. We moved 3 small (31″ tire size) rocks and one large five foot diameter rock from the hill (this one was about 2-4 tons in weight). They were all very loosely sitting on the hill side and only required minimual effort to get them rolling. Any one of these rocks could have easily killed someone on the trail below…good decision to move these now!!

    We ran the trail and observed the following
    1. Trail is in good condition even after the rain
    2. Our hard work is holding fast with the rain
    3. Mud puddles
    4. Cooler temps

    Recommeded things to do on future runs:
    1. Continue gabion basket project on self. Need 4-5 gabion baskets to finish off shelf (bring USFS trailer)Doing this will finish shelf project

    2. Move down trees to make one trail on mogual hill (easy to accomplish since many down trees near area)

    3. Limit access to one point at entrance at trail head after stream crossing (when running trail east to west) Easy to accomplish since down trees are accessible across stream…drag logs across stream could be interesting!!!