Adopt-A-Trail Reports

3N93 Workday: October 18

    WOW! Another great workday in the books. Thanks to everyone who came out to help – you guys rock! We all met at the gate around 9am, then Doug and Nick led the safety briefing and plan for the day. Rick and I were in the rock moving group, so we headed to the west end. After getting everyone (and trailers!) through the rock garden, we split into two groups. We were in the group that waited for the bulldozer and we were also in charge of waiting for the empty trailer to come back so we could refill it.

    The dozer arrived and the guys moved tires so it could pass through the rock garden. That was quite a sight to see! Once we had him on his way, it was about noon, so we broke for lunch. The trailer still hadn’t returned so we decided to head off to find it. Once we did, we refilled it with rocks for the gabion baskets ahead at the horseshoe in the trail. At this point we met up with the Bronco group heading the opposite direction we were, but had pulled off the trail in a flat area. THey helped us reload the trailer and headed off.

    Once we reached the horseshoe turn, the other group and the dozer were all hard at work. It was pretty neat to watch the squeaky dozer move all that dirt and pulverize the rock wall. We lined the creek with rocks to help with erosion. We widened the road going through the creek with a human chain of rock-passers (moah-ha-ha-ha!)

    I think the dozer started to head back around 4pm. The guys helped him get back over the rock garden and I think we were off the trail by 5:30. Rick helped Nick and Malachi, with repairing the fence at the west end (we had to cut it to get the bulldozer and the rest of us through) while I supervised and fetched tools in a sprint-like manner. (hahaha)

    We headed back (the long way?) through Green Valley and met the gang at Sonora Cantina (clearly). That gigantic margarita gave me quite a headache today!! But it sure was fun to drink.

    Thanks to everyone again who made it out, and to the IE4WD club for their help on the trail. Our next workday will depend on the weather for the most part. We hope to see everyone this coming Saturday at the picnic!