Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Oct 3rd & 4th Holcomb Creek Work Report

    By Ryan | What a wonderful two days doing AAT work on Holcomb Creek! On Saturday, October 3rd, six AAT members, Chuck, Alycia, Nick, Jason, Cathy, and Ryan worked eight long hours repairing the stream crossing on the east end of 3N93. The day started off with our safety meeting at the Hanna Flats Camp Ground gate. While at the gate, we were met by a Bronco group led by a Forest Service Rep. They were go to do some archeological research on Holcomb Creek. With the forest service trailer in hand, our work party traveled toward the stream crossing to continue filling up the stream/pond with rocks. With the great effort from the September AAT work party in filling in the pond/ stream with large boulders, our team only needed to haul small softball size rocks to help fill in the bare areas. Our work party hauled five loads of rocks. While filling in the stream crossing, another AAT group believed to be the Physico Squad (in 7 to 8 Hummers) came through the stream to work felling trees. After they passed through, Chuck and Jason began winching very large rocks (with Chuck’s Suuuuuuperwinch) into place upstream. These large rocks will help prevent illegal bypassing and divert/breakup heavy stream flow so a nasty pond does not develop or the rocks we installed on our last AAT day does not wash away. Our day ended abruptly at about 5pm as we observed a large smoke column from over the horizon. The smoke was a result of the fire in the Devore area. Our team followed our emergency evacuation plan and headed out to our safety zone in Fawnskin

    On Sunday, October 4th, our AAT crew headed out again to finish and complete work on the stream crossing. Chuck, Alycia, Nick, Art, Cathy, and Ryan worked till 3pm hauling softball size rocks and winching large boulders to the upstream side of the pond. Before leaving we also managed to repair the wire fence near the stream crossing.