Holcomb Creek Jeep Trail: 3N93

The Holcomb Creek Trail is one of the toughest and most popular trails in the SBNF.

Length: 5-1/2 miles
Time to complete: 2 hours

The Holcomb Creek Trail can be found in the San Bernardino National Forest near Big Bear Lake. The trail is available to street legal vehicles only.

You can expect to encounter large boulders, tippy terrain and puddles on sections of the trail. The US Forest Service rates this trail a black diamond most difficult trail and it is not recommended for stock SUVs. Body damage and breakage are a possibility. Elevation ranges from 5600′ to over 6500′ and during the winter months snow and ice add to the difficulty of traversing the trail.

Lat/lon format is hddd mm.mmm and WGS84 datum

  1. Holcomb Trail & 3N16 / West Entrance
    N34° 16.511, W117° 03.057
  2. Beginning stretch of the trail.
    N34° 16.492, W117° 03.027
  3. Open area to play on the rocks.
    N34° 16.502, W117° 01.487
  4. The rock garden.
    N34° 16.660, W117° 00.529
  5. The rutted hill crosses the river.
    N34° 17.78, W116° 59.53
  6. Holcomb Trail & 3N14 / East Entrance
    N34° 18.028, W116° 58.995