Jeep Trail Reports

The First MJR Adopt-A-Trail Cleanup

June 25-26, 2005: The first ever MJR Adopt-A-Trail workday was a great success. Eighteen volunteers worked all day clearing brush, culverts, trash, logs and other debris from the trail. It was an unseasonably cool weekend which made work conditions excellent. The view from Little Bear Peak was clear as can be! We saw plenty of wildflowers, lizards and other mountain critters.

We came across an illegal hill climb and decided to move a log to close the route. Everyone worked together to winch it up and roll it up into place. Next, Jason and the guys clear brush from 2N84C.

More brush is cleared and many plants were in bloom. We ran all three spurs, clearing and cleaning. It was time to have a little fun!

We found a few rocks at the end of 2N84B. Rick ran it first, followed by Erik and Chris. It wasn’t much, but nevertheless everyone had a great time driving and watching. We headed next to Little Bear Peak. We returned back to camp at the Yellow Post where Tom demonstrated his new Outback Pack, and then washed his hands before dinner.