Jeep Trail Reports

Whether you're hitting the trails this weekend or just web-wheeling, we have your California, Colorado, and Desert Southwest photos and route descriptions.

Pack your roof rack and fill your water jugs! You'll find just about everything you need to hit the trails and get rockin.' Don't worry if you're new to the sport, we can help answer any questions that come up. What have we been up to? Moab!

“IDTT” Calico Reunion Run

View Slideshow Opens in a popup window. April 30, 2005: Another year to celebrate friendship and the love of jeepin. Here’s photos from our reunion run – if you haven’t been to one of these yet, stay tuned ’til next year!

Springtime at Dumont Dunes

View SlideshowOpens in a popup window. March 26-28, 2005: The winter rains of 04-05 have incredibly changed the scenery out at the dunes. Dry lakes are now filled with water and wildflowers blanket the ground.

Odessa & Doran Canyon

View Slideshow Opens in a popup window. October 16, 2004: We headed out on another MJR Calico run, now that the temperatures are cooling off a bit. On with the photos…

SBNF Trail Listing

This is a fairly complete listing of trails in the Big Bear / Lake Arrowhead area. Thanks to FishPoet for the legwork. USFS rated black diamond 4×4 trails near Big Bear Lake: 3N10 John Bull 3N93 Holcomb Creek 2N06X Lower Larga 1N01 Pipes Canyon 2N90 Tip Top Mountain 3N03A Horsethief Flat 3N69 Gold Mountain 1N38 […]


Here’s a growing list of commonly asked questions in the forest. For general forest information & links, please visit out Big Bear Area section. How do trails like “3N34” get their name? What do the trail ratings mean? Do you have a listing of great trails in the area? Question: How do trails like “3N34” […]

  • 2003

Doran Entrance

September 27, 2003: Wow, can you say hot? Everyone found their spot in the shade to watch some of the Jeeps try to climb up this vicious gatekeeper.