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Adding Sentry Key Immobilizer

There’s been a lot of talk of Jeep theft on the Forums section of MJR. While we already have a dealer installed alarm on the Jeep, we’re really bad about setting it. Then if we set it, I’ll be crawling around the Jeep and it will go off. We never really leave anything of value in the Jeep so I decided to add the factory Sentry Key Immobilizer, an anti-theft device that is always “on.”

Savvy Offroad TJ/LJ Aluminum Gas Tank Skid Install

I have been lucky enough to receive a pre-production version of the Savvy Offroad gas tank skid. We’ve been running the stock skid (with some 1/8″ plate welded to the bottom) on our 02 TJ for 6 years and it’s really taken a beating. The biggest and most significant is the use of Aluminum (3/16″ thick 6061-T6, if you must know).

Installing Scout Dana 44’s on a ’78 CJ-7

I always wanted to add bigger axles on my CJ, so when a friend, Dave Karbo, offered a Scout Dana 44 rear with a matching front Dana 30, I could not resist. I was not too crazy about keeping a Dana 30 in the front, but I wanted the rear 44 and having matching axle widths was a must.

YJ Aftermarket Air Conditioning Installation

After some searching, I could find only ONE article pertaining to installing an aftermarket Air Conditioning Kit in a YJ Jeep Wrangler. Those of you that live in the south, and do not want to go topless for the entire summer, know how important A/C can be (yes, you can start flaming now about how hardcore you are and that you don’t need air conditioning. Jerks.)

Detroit EZ Locker Installation (and Problems)

We were looking for some extra traction on the ’99 Wrangler, so we went with Detroit’s EZ Locker. The decision was made much easier since we got the locker used and, well…really cheap! If you don’t know how to find the open end of a combination wrench, you should probably have a pro install your locker for you.

Rock-It Man Ultimate Rockers Install

When we started out our TJ modifications with some homemade rocker protection, a cage, budget boost lift, and some 33s, we didn’t plan on building this Jeep for the big stuff. It’s a daily driver, so we figured we couldn’t get too radical anyway.

JB Conversions Lomax 4-to-1 Gearset

The Dana 300 transfer case is arguably the "best" factory transfer case that came on Jeep vehicles. Gear driven, 2.62:1 low range, and wide application possibilities make this the next best thing to an Atlas swap.