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Welcome to our adopt-a-trail reports section for Holcomb Creek Trail in the San Bernardino National Forest, just outside of Fawnskin, California. On average, many in our group of now 60+ head out once a month during the spring, summer and fall to patrol, clean up and check for maintenance needs. What do we need from you? It's easy and fun for the whole family. Join us on cleanup runs - there's a job for anyone of any age. Find out more and sign up here on the forums.


3N93 Workday

On Saturday we hit the trail at 8:15am and headed for the gate on 3N14. We arrived at 8:45 and opened the gate.

  • 09 / 2008

3N93 Work Day August 02, 2008

MJR AAT group had another great turn out to work on 3N93 (Holcomb Creek) on Saturday, Aug. 02, 2008. We met up at the Ranger Station on Hwy. 18. We got to the trail head around 9 AM. The first thing we did was inspect the illegal motorcycle trail that had been blazed some time […]

  • 08 / 2008

3N93 Third Workday

Tom, Katheryn, Chuck, Alycia, Aaron, Cody, Braden, Max, Sarah, Rick, Julie, Kevin and Nick met at the ranger station on a very chilly and overcast Memorial Day weekend. Those who came up through Running Springs saw snow on the ground! Despite the fronts coming through all weekend, the trails outside of Fawnskin were just damp […]

  • 05 / 2008

3N93 Second Workday

At the time of this report, Holcomb Creek Trail is closed to the public due to damage from the fires of 2007. Nick, Barb, Doug, Tracy, Russ, Rick and Sarah met up at the Ranger Station Saturday morning with a goal of removing an old Bronco located approximately 1.5 miles down Holcomb Creek Trail. If […]

  • 05 / 2008

2nd Quarter Meeting 2008

Nineteen MJR AAT’ers participated at the meeting for a total of 102.5 hours. Thank you to everyone who made time in their schedule to attend.

  • 04 / 2008

Clash of the Titans ’07

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the picnic to hang out with us – and thank you to all MJR AAT’ers who put in hours this past fiscal year to give us a third place award for the third year in a row! One of these days when we can get back […]

  • 10 / 2007

Trail Maintenance Run

This was the most interesting day on the trail yet. We met Brian, Chris & Tam, Julie, Jesse & Tori and Doug and Tracy at the Big Bear Ranger Station to grab some tools for the day ahead. It was a good thing Doug recommended meeting there too, because there was a mega yard sale […]

  • 09 / 2007

BlackZZR’s Trail Patrol

Ran up to the peak on Friday, July 27. The bottom sign pointer has been bent around quite a bit, we straightened it out but it appears like someone tried to bend it back and forth to break it off and it twisted up a bit. The 2N84A trail up is in great shape.

  • 07 / 2007

2N84 Trail Patrol by FishPoet

Tracy and I spent the weekend at Yellow Post 5. We picked up all the trash within 100 yards of camp. On 2N84B we moved a downed tree that was blocking the trail. We hid 3 new geocaches. 1 each at the end of 2N84 and 2N84B and 1 not too far from YP5.

  • 07 / 2007

2N84 Trail Patrol by BlackZZR

2n84 was in great shape this weekend. We ran to the top with 2 H3s, 2 jeeps, and 3 FJCs and once again were amazed at the views.

  • 06 / 2007

National Trails Day – June 2, 2007

In observance of National Trails Day, I did some work on our Adopt-a-trail. Upon arrival, I ran to the end of 2N84B, then to the end of 2N84 and finally to the end of 2N84A. I didn’t see anyone; even the Yellow Post site was empty (unusual for this time of year). I spent the […]

  • 06 / 2007

Little Bear Peak Trail & Butler Peak Fire Lookout

Up for some Memorial Day weekend wheelin, Rick & Sarah, Crystal, Brian, Mat & Tiff, Russ, Crash & Chris, Kathy, and Beth all hit 2N84 around 11:30AM. Our culverts looked good, there is a bit of brush to trim on all 3 spurs, and a couple of rutted out areas on 2N84A to work on […]

  • 05 / 2007

2N84 Final Workday of ’06

We started Saturday morning and we cleared and trimmed trees and brush from 2N84B and 2N84A. Our previous projects including the culverts, sign installs and hill climb blocks are still standing strong. Did I mention we cleared some brush? We also visited the peak and our nonexistent geocache. Yes, folks, it’s been stolen…

  • 11 / 2006