Adopt-A-Trail Reports

2N84 Trail Patrol by BlackZZR

    2n84 was in great shape this weekend. We ran to the top with 2 H3s, 2 jeeps, and 3 FJCs and once again were amazed at the views.

    We ran to the peak, stayed there for a half hour, ran down, talked to some guys at the yellow post about properly putting out their fire when they were finished camping, and left, about 1 hour. We had 11 people in the run, lets average 1 1/2 hours travel time
    that gives us 27.5 hours and we taught a group how to properly put out a fire.

    Plus, on the way up we met a group of sierra club members hiking down and waved, smiled, and asked if they were enjoying the hike. That in itself should be worth extra merit awards.
    Trail is in great shape, oh one hummer was noted for chipping a little of that big rock in the middle of the first climb off a little, he said when he got to the top he was going out this week to get a lift.