Adopt-A-Trail Reports

Little Bear Peak Trail & Butler Peak Fire Lookout

Up for some Memorial Day weekend wheelin, Rick & Sarah, Crystal, Brian, Mat & Tiff, Russ, Crash & Chris, Kathy, and Beth all hit 2N84 around 11:30AM.
Our culverts looked good, there is a bit of brush to trim on all 3 spurs, and a couple of rutted out areas on 2N84A to work on this year. The yellow post was occupied, and we found 2 more camps on 2N84A. We met a few people at the peak staging area on foot who were heading back down. It was chilly at the peak but it felt muuuuch better than the desert heat we left behind us.

Half of us then continued on to 2N84 and the other half to 2N84B. We picked up a little trash but overall I think the trail is in great shape. We left the trail at about 2:30PM.

We then headed to Butler Peak with Russ in the lead. I hadn’t been up there before, but it seemed like there was quite a bit of traffic heading up and down. We were all shocked to see such a great view!! It was cool and windy at the top – and quite scary to look down!