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  • It's a Boy

    We already knew we we're having a boy and he was born yesterday at 5:44pm after induced labor starting at 9-10am. 8lbs 10oz. Healthy baby boy, we're really blessed. I'm done, got the boy and the girl. No more. I'm spending as much money on my jeep as possible cause it's gonna be gone once they're bigger. School, clothes, buy me this, buy me that.
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    That was quick. Congrats
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      Congrats!!!!!! Dont forget Can i have a jeep too!!! OR wht college you thinkg i should go too?? :confused2 Once again congrats on the new addition....
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        congrats. :yay:

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          Congrats Paul!

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            Right on Paul! Congrats! What's next, snip snip? Ouch!

            Glad everything went well, does he have a name yet? Wasn't it gonna be Zane or Zander or just crazy kid, something like that. Of course there's always Babyhead.

            Way to go, Tom


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              Thanx Tom, everyone. Believe it or not we're still disputing on a name. She wants Zander, I want Bruno. So far almost everyone in the world at one point had a dog named Bruno. My mom in Costa Rica still does. It's up in the air.
              Thanx everyone. I was wondering if any experienced fathers/siblings out there may have some advice on how to handle a older sister younger brother scenario (going to be a 2 year age difference). I was raised an only child so it's a new ball game for me.
              “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. ”
              -Gen. George S. Patton Jr.


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                Congrats Paul!


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                  Congrats Paulhead and Mrs Paulhead

                  Enjoy your new bundle of Joy! I agree, nothing personal, Bruno is a dogs name :zip: :confused2 :omg: My Best Friends accross the street neighbor named their son Jeep

                  Theres one to think about. I like Zander :2:

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                    Congrats, My Boy Is 3 Years Old And My Girl Is 1 Year Old And They Play Together Good Unless She Wonts To Play With His Motercyles My Boy Don't Go For That. But My Girl Refusses To Play With Dolls Or Tedy Bears, She's A Bit Of A Tom-boy, Wants To Do Everything Her Dady Doses. I Like Zander, My Kids Names Are Hunter(my Boy) And Skylee Santana(my Girl).congrats Again.


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                      congrats paul, i have a sister that is 2 years older than me and i can see the fights brewing already in the future for you. haha now you have an army of three. late

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                          Congrats Paul !! consider yourself blessed !



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                            Congratulations, Senor Paul! At two years apart, I suspect that your younger may be more independent and have a lot of characteristics of a first child.

                            As far as names go, I'd suggest you look very closely at initials too. With a last name beginning with M, I am very glad that my parents did not give me a name starting with B. This also means that the wife and I couldn't give a name starting with G either.
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                              Congardulation on your new son....tell little Z.B. I said happy birthday!!
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