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who's paid their taxes and how much?


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    I am getting back about 200 bucks, yup I waited until the nite before
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      Originally posted by igofshn
      Super 35 with detroit and brand new spare axles with disc brakes,4.10 gears = $1200

      Uh, nevermind. That's a lot more than I thought. Looking at the kit prices, that's probably right, though.

      Unfortunately I found an 8.8 set up for a TJ with a Detroit for 900. I won't tell any of your potential customers, though.

      I can't afford either today, but hopefully before I hit the Rubicon in August.
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        Originally posted by PondScum
        We got back about $2,000 this year, but i just received a letter from the IRS today saying we owe them $900 because our last years daycare expenses weren't calculated correctly.

        Time to call my tax guy and chew some butt!!!

        Hey Pondscum! Is your wife a licensed daycare provider? Just wondering because I just opened up a home daycare last June. Are you able to write off most of your utilities?

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          well ummm...I initially paid over $12,000 to federal, and $4000 to state, but I got the majority of it back. I HATE having them withhold so much. But theres nothing I can do about it. At least I get a decent refund at the end of the year. For obvious reasons, I had my taxes done and filed on the 10th of January. Had my refund the first week of Feb.

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