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Miller Jeep on 08-16-03 anyone?


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  • Miller Jeep on 08-16-03 anyone?

    Anyone interested in doing Miller this Saturday? I haven't been there in a while so I'd like to check it out again.


    9am @ the Flying J; Channel 4
    Official Miler Jeep Run Headcount
    sarah & rick
    baja sixer
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    Man i'd go but I'll be in Fresno at the Kings river.

    I gots to get new gears too anyway-
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      Bummer!! Too short of notice for me! I have to work!
      Michael Stowe
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        I'm up for this my schedule is back to normal been dyin to wheel


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          we were thinking of doing cleghorn/silverwood ... any takers?
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            I might be in for a miller run !! Let you know Soon . Meet at flying j ? what time ?
            JIM :{>


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              Meeting at Flying J gas station on Saturday 8-16-03 at 9:00 am sounds good to me. Plan for lunch stop at the creek before heading up the mountain or a BBQ on my small propane Q'r ?
              Please advise


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                Miller sounds good! I am potentially in (pretty sure but not 100% right now) ... will let you know for sure by tomorrow night.

                I've been trying to get my cousin and his dad with a shiney Z71 tahoe up to Gorman for some fun. I don't think it's a good idea for them to run miller with that big thing but I can have them meet me at the park in the afternoon (after we run the trail) for some dirt time I've been itching to get some dirt on that tahoe ...
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                  I could be persuaded. :yay:

                  "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                    How tough is the trail?

                    Well, I'm interested but I'm a little anxious about the difficulty of the trail. It's rated a "Difficult" in Well's Guide.

                    Difficult. Very hilly, steep and rocky. Not recommended for stock SUV's. Tough section at beginning of trail is fairly typical of conditions all along the route. Last few miles of Miller Jeep Trail are toughest part of trip. Lockers and oversized tires recommended. Don't drive alone.
                    Pictures don't look all that bad, but this will be my first non-Easy trip, if I go. I have the lockers but "only" 31's. I guess the most important equipment is the Nut Behind the Wheel.

                    When do you think we will be finishing the trailride?
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                      Miller can be done stock with 31's.

                      Both Sarah and I did it that way. The first time I ran Miller, I was pretty inexperienced. There are a few areas that you may end up taking a bypass, and a few areas youll definitely need spotting through. But honestly, Itd be the perfect first run for you. Just technical enough to make it challenging.

                      I may be in for this run, and that way I could get my tire from Cetrov too...

                      2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
                      Rock-ItMan all the way around


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                        tammy is right. it's a great trail for your jeep. there are a couple of tough spots, but you will learn alot by getting through them. you will love it!

                        i don't know if we're in or not for this one, it's a far drive and we have alot of stuff going on. will keep you guys posted! otherwise we'll be running cleghorn/silverwood.
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                          Tammy- let me know if you are going,
                          If Jim is going I will drop off your tire with Jim and you can get it from him!!

                          If that is ok with Jim of course.

                          I will be at Kings river- meeting Al up there for some Jet Ski action.
                          1997 Jeep Wrangler


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                            It looks like we'll have a decent turnout for this run and that's a good thing. Is 9:00 am at the Flying J OK w/ everyone? Can we get a roll call?

                            I agree w/ Sarah and Tammy, I've done Miller stock, 31's, limited slip and no lift. You'll also have plenty of assistance and guidance when needed.


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                              Hey Baja- where in Lancaster are you?
                              I'm in Elizabeth Lake-
                              1997 Jeep Wrangler