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Rubicon Trail Headcount: July 16-18


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  • Rubicon Trail Headcount: July 16-18

    MJR Rubicon Trail Run
    July 16-18, 2004

    Weather near the end of the trail, closest I could find:

    Some of the group is staying at Icehouse. They plan to get there Thursday evening to be ready for the trail between 730 and 8am.

    If you're coming from the LA area, there will be a group meeting up at the Flying J in Gorman, just off of the 5.

    If you're coming from the desert area here are directions from 395:
    Take 395 north to Hwy 89, a few miles north of Topaz. Turn left on Hwy 89. Go 29 miles to Hwy 88/89, turn left. Go 6 miles to Luther Pass Rd, turn right. Go 11 miles to US 50, turn left. Icehouse Rd is 30 miles west.

    This route is about 75 miles shorter for us - 441 miles vs. 517 miles. I found it useful to map to Topaz, CA, then from Topaz to Jones Place to force Y! maps to take us up 395. Jones Place is the only place I could get Y! maps to recognize. It is about 10 miles north of US 50, so almost to Icehouse.

    Map from Icehouse's Site:

    For those coming east on the 50, the last reasonably priced gas is in Pollock Pines, stop and fill up.
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    that sounds good to me

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      That time frame might work for me.
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        I'll be there.
        I have 2


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          doesnt work for me . . . I dont know if I can get out of it, we'll see
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            the wedding i'm going to is the weekend after! we can probably do any weekend but the 24th.
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              The Con in I would really like to try it, I may have to side step some of the bigger stuff but would like do tag along if all works out.


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                I'm in for sure.
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                  Originally posted by Jeeper Creeper
                  The Con in I would really like to try it, I may have to side step some of the bigger stuff but would like do tag along if all works out.
                  we'd love to have you, but PLEASE be sure your jeep is prepared for the task
                  see trail ratings, and read up on the trail. it is not a walk in the park, and the majority of the trail has no "side steps".
                  i am quite sure there will be a "screening" of sorts before the beginning of this run. last year, [outside our better judgement] we had someone join us on the run that was ill prepaired, and it resulted in catastrophy. that wont happen again this year
                  i am not trying to deter anyone from seeing this GORGEOUS trail... just looking out for everyones welfare.
                  Jeeper Creeper, i am NOT calling you out in particular.. i dont even know what your jeep is made of. this is a note to everyone interested in attending this run.
                  we should hold a vote for the pre-run-screeners for this run.
                  i vote al

                  Black Diamond Run:
                  A few experienced hardcore off-roaders with highly modified vehicles desire runs that will push their vehicle and driving skills to the limit, and that is what these are. At least one locker is REQUIRED, (front & rear lockers, 33" tires and low gears strongly recommended).Mandatory safety and recovery equiptment Some body damage is almost guaranteed, and severe drivetrain failure (axles, driveshaft, etc.) is quite possible. Driver error on some obstacles may result in a rollover. Some runs may require additional equipment.
                  please see above link for rating system, and recommended equipment.
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                  95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                    Sounds like an exciting trip and I am hopeful that the lift will be put together by then. I think the Missus just needs some undercarriage protection and she will be ready to rock 'n' roll.

                    Perhaps a recommended equipment list should be compiled with a 1-rating representing must-haves and 4-rating nice-to-haves.

                    My humble submission to the list is for:
                    1-proper trail sanitation equipment
                    It seems kind of silly, but much of the Sierras are granite with only a few inches to feet of topsoil. Water is very easily contaminated in these conditions and toilet paper decomposition will not keep up with the number of people using the trail. It is a sure thing that wads of stinky white paper drifting through the woods will cause people to consider closing the trail as much as surface water MTBE, spray-painted rocks and cans and glass littering the trail.

                    The Missus and I have a box of Wag Bags and we use it in a Luggable Loo. It's not quite as compact as the PETT toilet but it is 1/5 the cost. Something similar could probably be jury-rigged with a Gamma Seal, a spare bucket, and leftover toilet seat. Airtight too! Our experience with the Wag Bag has been a good one and is corroborated by the Pirates of the Rubicon board.

                    Don't forget to bring along some alcohol-based hand sterilizing solution and a nailbrush or you will have a lot more to remember the Rubicon by than sheet metal scratches and pictures.
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                      Actually there has been a lot of improvement on this subject, provided people use the outhouses that are in the camps. On the trail is a different story.
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                        i vote al
                        me too!
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                          Al , take a look at my rig tommorow. all tips excepted. (donations too).
                          Hard for me to commit, but you never know.


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                            I want to second what Erik said. With many new members since our last Rubicon trip, alot of you may not have heard about out mis-fortunes. This trail is not for a beginner, nor a stock jeep (particularly both of those combined). During the Jamboree they fill in gate keeper, and do alot of rock stacking, making the trail much easier than when we run it. Expect body damage, expect flat tires, expect to use every skid plate you can put under your jeep. Expect the absolute, hands down, most beautiful trail you have ever seen. This trip is a great run, just please be prepared. As mentioned, there are out houses at Spider Lake and at Rubicon Springs (although the one at Spider Lake looked kinda scary ) . No where else. If you gotta go along the trail, you gotta take it out with you. If your nice to Al, he might let you use his very cool porta-crapper (privacy tent included) in camp before we hit the trail (just don't expect him to pack your crap out).
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                              I just spoke with YJJoe who was with us at Panamint Valley Days. He wants to go and can get the time off work. His jeep is very trail ready and his mechanic skills would be an asset for all. That and he mixes a great margarita too.
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