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Jan 31: 2nd dirt trip, Rohwer Flats


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    Originally posted by blkTJ
    if your gonna get an atlas... talk to erik... then talk to me... we might be able to get a better deal on 2.
    serious inquiries only
    if you are really concidering an atlas... let me know, i may be able to help you. for a tera low case... see
    they can installl it, and everything.if you dont have the money to upgrade... see them to repair your current case. i'lll bet you could save some money on parts that way too.

    95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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      Originally posted by qwiksilver
      I hate my tires. They slip. Or it may be me... They don't like loose stuff. I never liked loose stuff...or it may be me...
      I know of three little letters
      That make the wheels grip much betters
      For loose sand and scree
      You need that A...R...B...
      For slidin' Grocery Getters

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      Please excuse the occasional deviation from anapestic beat in syllable structure.
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        I was wondering. Seemed like everyone on the trail had MTs and yet I was slipping. Ok, it's me.

        10 pounds? I usually run that in sand. I will experiment with it.

        Thanks everyone for being patient with my slow learning curve.

        Allen, sorry about the TC...but like you said...excuse to upgrade.


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          Well, we will see how bad it is soon! Have ya ever tried to rent a car trailer on Superbowl Sunday??
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            iceman glad to hear you made it home o.k.

            also glad to help out, anytime.

            as far as the loose dirt vs the tires issue. i'm locked with mt's and they where slipping a little. it was hard to tell cause being locked makes it look like your floating up the hill. i think i was at 13 pounds on 33's. i know for my tires there is a big difference between 15 and 12 pounds.

            had fun though, nice day and view and people of course.

            92 YJ all new stuff this year!!! rockcrawling at a trail near you.


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              Originally posted by qwiksilver
              Two weeks, Gorman? Nope....Dumont Dunes for me. Terez and I (and maybe a couple of others) are going up for a Sunday overnighter.
              Valentines day.........MAMAHEAD will kill me. Mabey not. Anyway Dumont is a little far for me right now. I'm testing my Jeep on distance right now and it made the Rowher trip well. Once I know I can make it to Gorman and back I can plan big overnighters. Anyway we'll see.
              “Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. ”
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                Sorry I missed out. I had an important errand to run.
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