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    Originally posted by blackZZR View Post
    from my droid

    great day, contacted 5 bi groups, several small groups
    everyone understood, helped 2 big groups find way to 2N17x on map,everyone thanked me, several really thanked me for my extra effort to stand out there just me and the wife and try to educate others so the trail could stay open. No one had a bad word to say.
    Very good day.
    Oh, No one showed up, so as promised, you all can sooth your conscious knowing I will never speak land access issues here again.
    Thank you for your efforts, even though you just basically told "us" to kiss your ass", I at least appreciate what you did. But I wonder, how old are you?
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      I never said that,I just said that I would never bring it up again
      Plus Rat, we have worked on Holcomb together , you know me
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        I hope you'll reconsider your choice to never post here again with regard to land issues.

        Lot's of people on MJR support what you did today, but just weren't able to make it for whatever reason.

        Thank you for your efforts. I believe that they will pay off.

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          Damn you are really old! Oh yeah, I'm also 51. Thanks for the efforts. Jeep is down or I would have given you support on this issue. Let me know next time.



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            ZZR, Sorry I missed you by a week. I was there last weekend and the weather and views were great. Thought I would post this pic as to why we would want to keep Cleghorn open even if there were no extra credit runs off the main road.

            Thanks again ZZR for your efforts.



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              Jim I am thankful there are people like you that have afforded themselves the time to do stuff like this. I know you are involved and I have worked 3N93 with you in the past. But I have to say that I think that you deciding to take a stand and not mention access issues is counterproductive. Just because there are not 10 people that can spend time the same weekend as you? MJR has been the leader in most volunteer hours in the AAT program for how many years? Three I think. There are a lot of people here that spend a lot of time volunteering. I am 25 years old. I have a seven month old son and a wife that stays at home. I can hardly find time to sleep on the weekends. I do however find time every once in a while to volunteer with the forest service. I don't feel bad for a moment that I couldn't make it to cleghorn with you to inform the public about access issues. I don't feel bad that I only volunteered five or six days last year. Because as much as I support the effort to keep trails open, I will always choose my family first. When they need me I will be there. If everyone in the off road community had this same attitude as you I would not be out helping. I can’t imagine how the AAT program would look if they demanded volunteers in the same manner as you. The AAT program is always thankful for all the help they can get. If all I can do is sixty or seventy hours a year they still say thank you. And it seems like that attitude is working for them. Because every meeting I go to there are more people and more clubs helping out.
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                I am with you
                do not think I will give up on access issues, it is a driving force in me.
                censored for having an opinion


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                  I remember going to the meeting for Cleghorn years back at a hotel in Victorville, they really weren't interested in comments they were just presenting the new maps that didn't have the old trails on them. I still don't know how they can say these trails were never designated when I have seen them on the old maps with #'s and everything. It's too bad nobody had the time to be there the same time you were, I wish I had the time to go wheeling again...
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