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62mm throttle body


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    i can only post what i have.
    which is as follows:
    60mm throttle body, oversized ford fuel injectors, and a 4.0
    with these things added, there was a "seat of the pants" difference in throttle response. the rpms seemed to climb more quickly under load than before the bored tb, and injectors.
    [the injectors were replaced rather than cleaned because it was just a few bucks more than having them professionally cleaned] also, at the time the injectors were purchaced, i was half ass considering stroking the 4.0. they replaced injectors with 217,000 miles on them.

    on to the milage.
    my milage is probably no better than yours.
    around town, and on an average tank of gas i am getting 10-13 mpg.
    on a long trip, however, i get great milage. i have seen in the neighborhood of 15.8 mpg. now when i say long trip, i mean from full tank to empty tank without stop, and go.
    if i stop, the milage falls apart.

    since the majority of the posts i made on this subject, there have been a lot of changes.
    in the beginning i had a k&n filter. i have since also changed from the yj exhaust system, which had an emptied out catalytic convertor * to a complete tj exhaust system with a healthy cat.
    i havent retested the milage, which i will do again on my next long trip. the throttle response still feels nice though.
    i have never had the jeep on a dyno for real testing. it is strictly how it "feels"

    95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!