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Going HP D30 hunting...advice needed


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  • Dukes69
    Ok, a couple things.

    NO TJ's came with HP D30's, only LP D30's.
    XJ's that have fulltime t-cases (242 t-case) have NON-disco HP D30's
    Only the Part time t-case XJ's (231 case) have the vacuum disco axle.

    So, You would want a D'30 from a 99 and older XJ with a 242 Transfer case (full time)

    Good Luck

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  • jmbrowning
    started a topic Going HP D30 hunting...advice needed

    Going HP D30 hunting...advice needed

    Well, got back from an Axle Safari this weekend, went down to Encinitas down at Ryan Brown's farm and bagged a new MJ Dana 44 housing that was built up with Yukon parts. Also, installed were 4.56 gears and an ARB. Ryan left the shock mounts off and picked up some Rubicon Express anti-wrap spring perches. Merry Xmas for the Missus.

    Now, the Wife needs a high-pinion Dana 30 to replace the LP D30. Time to go hunt down an axle. Now, I understand that the XJ HP Dana 30's came with vacuum disconnects, but do the TJ HP D30's also have the same bugaboo?

    Do all TJ's have the high pinion D30 or did they switch over to the LP D30 in 2000 like the XJ's?

    I figure all that is needed is a TJ housing, should be drop-in for the XJ front, no? Extra axles and outer stubs would be bonus too I guess.

    Thanks a million in advance for your learned recommendations.

    PS. If you are looking for a new Dana 44, drop Ryan a line as he has 3 left. He will do all fab work necessary.