Adopt-A-Trail Reports

2N84A Preliminary Visit 3/26/06

    On Sunday, March 26, 2006, a small group of MJR Trail Crew members visited 2N84. The main purpose of the visit was to determine if the recent snowfall would force us to cancel or reschedule the following weekend’s planned work party.

    We traveled along 2N84A past Yellow Post Campsite #5. There was patchy snow around the first part of the trail and campsite. We turned around about ¼ mile before the end of 2N84A because the trail was completely covered by snow. The AAT sign and the portion of the trail and campsite that we saw were in good shape; there were no fallen logs or evidence of blocked culverts or erosion. Because of the snow, we decided not to run 2N84B/C and to recommend that we cancel the following weekend’s work party. The next scheduled work party is the weekend of April 29, 2006.