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Where is everyone from?


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  • Where is everyone from?

    Lets see who is where and where are we gonna meet!

    Me- Lancaster area- Cal.
    Ride- 1997 TJ
    Mods- lifted and locked
    Trails I like - Big Bear- Miller- Doran- Last Chance
    Time to go crawling - almost any weekend at all.
    Members I wheel with -
    Sarah, Rick, Jim- Jim79cj7. Alex-evilpsych, Brian- blkTJ, chuck-cbremer, dukes69,erik-jeepwave, JeepGal- Tammy, Igofshn- Al, and I'm sure more will be coming on soon.

    We get many good runs in in the so cal desert- all are welcome to come along- this is a great bunch of wheelers that we have here. You need any information on wheeling or what trail are good you can find out about it here.

    Welcome and enjoy!!!

    What about you
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    1997 Jeep Wrangler

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    sarah - high desert, ca. apple valley to be exact. looking for weekday desert nite runs. (and maybe for a lunchbreak too, LOL)

    will travel to jeep!
    :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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      I'm with her....except during the week...guess the CJ and I are being replaced during the week

      I'm up for anything on the weekend though!

      We definitely need to get the high desert night runs going though. We should get a week*end* night run going some time too! There are some nice little runs out in/around Fairview Valley and Stoddard Valley!

      See ya out there!

      1986 CJ-7; 4.6L stroker, balanced & blueprinted; 5" lift, 35x1250 MTRs, Poison Spyder Full Width kit,
      My Jeep

      Moab Rocker Knocker Video:shades:


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        :shades:, don't put up a stink!
        you know it's boring here in the desert. lol
        :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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          I'm from Los Angeles Ummmmm, Palos Verdes . . . near Torrance, San Pedro. Stop by anytime.
          Ya Savvy?

          Motech Performance


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            Originally posted by Cetrov

            Members I wheel with -
            Sarah, Rick, Jim- Jim79cj7. Alex-evilpsych, Brian- blkTJ, chuck-cbremer, dukes69,erik-jeepwave, and I'm sure more will be coming on soon.
            :confused: What??? dontchya love me anymore Kirk???


            Im Tammy/Tams aka JeepGal...Ive been wheeling with Kirk (Cetrov)and Alex(EvilPsych) since September of last year, where they gently introduced me to the wonders of wheeling...SEE what you guys started? Ive since wheeled with Jim(Jim79cj7), Brian(blktj), Chris(dukes69), Chuck(cbremer), Erik(jeepwave), Sarah(bacon) and Rick(likestogofast),
            Tommy(TommyJeep), and Im sure the rest will join us soon

            Ive only had my 02 TJ a year, but I dont baby her...ask anyone

            I live in BEAUTIFUL Temecula Just minutes from awesome wheeling, but no one to go wheeling with... Maybe Tommy will take pity on me and show me the ropes in his big bad ass YJ...

            2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
            Rock-ItMan all the way around


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              Originally posted by JeepGal
              Sarah(bacon) and Rick(likestogofast),[/B]
              that's just plain sarah and rick to us here at MJR forums ...
              My Jeep!


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                Where is Cherry Valley

                Hello all!

                This is my first Jeep... Love it! Mud-Snow-just getting started, so let's go!


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                  erik, here... jeepwave,/nailer341
                  i've been wheeling with these guys for a while too, and enjoy the company of each and every one of them
                  i have a 95 yj, lifted and locked with all sorts of stuff added to er'.
                  currently, my favorite trail is doran.. but i'm looking forward top replacing that with the rubicon, dusy ershim, and moab
                  looking forward to meeting you new members on the trail, and doing some more wheeling with the jeepin' friends i already have.

                  95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                    Hey all!!!:yay: Seems kinda silly to say I've enjoyed every minute I've spent on the trails with ya... but I have. Couldn't have hoped to meet a better bunch of people. I look forward to all the upcomming runs and hope you'll all join me in Moab next year.


                    oh yeah, I live in studio city, ca.

                    "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                      I'm Mike, and I don't know ANYBODY!!! I kinda found this place by accident... I like smaller, more personable boards, so I registered... We'll see how personable you all are!! Anyway, I drive an old '73 CJ5, and I have a '71 CJ6 project that's pretty much nothing more than a frame and body at this point. Oh yeah, I live in Moorpark (Ventura County) Cal, and like to wheel EVERYWHERE! I don't care what it is, as long as I can lock the hubs and put it in low range.

                      Here's the 5 on the Rubicon a couple of years ago, making a tire run for a buddy:
                      Michael Stowe
                      Tin Benders


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                        well, mike, i think you've found the right board! how did you find us by accident?

                        we're just getting going - only been up less than a month. i can personally guarantee you that all of the mods here are the fun-loving and outgoing bunch that just plain loves wheelin' together!

                        typically we're out at least every other weekend, out doin' something at least. tell me about the rubicon! there's a trip planned in the "events" section - check it out. join us anytime - i try and keep the front page updated with the upcoming runs, but we're still working on getting the site programmed (yes, there's more on the way) and sometimes other things get the priority.

                        hope to meet up with you - if you're wanting to wheel and there's nothing going on - just post something, and someone's sure to join. :shades: :yay:

                        p.s. do you like our little heads? i still have a few more to make, but if you send me or post your head, you can have one too!!
                        :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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                          I'm from Glendora..When is the next run?


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                            it was today.:yay:

                            "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                              WELCOME BOYS!

                              Glad you found us YJChris and KickAssJeep...(I think I just shortened your names to YJC and KAJ... )

                              Keep up on the posts, and either of you are welcome to wheel with us ANYTIME. We had an INTERESTING trip yesterday. I cant think of the last time we had so much damage. Thanks for the entertainment Erik!

                              We started winding down yesterday, but I still wanted to play

                              I think that Brians planning a July 5 trip to Big Bear, and CJ called and told me about some trail maintainance at Wildomar OHV, 2nd weekend of July as well. As for big trips, Rubicon is the third weekend of July.

                              Nice meeting you all...

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                              2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
                              Rock-ItMan all the way around