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  • hello all

    hello everyone just a bit about me i just got back state side from iraq very glad to be back home but now i get to sit at home and work on my trucks all day sence i got shot i cant work any more. i been in the state of Or. i have a 1500 dodge ram sitting on 38's 6 inch lift and alot of work. i just got a new jeep < new to me 89 cherokee sport.> i looking forward to all the mod i am going to do. i hope to meet people in oregon to go trail'n with . i only be bale to be on the site once a week for next month or so waiting on net to be hooked up at my house. then i be on every night after that. i looking forward to finding stuff that people have done and comeing up with some of my own . i post pics of the jeep when i get net at my house and i should have my 4" lift in any day and i start lifting it. then i going to have a couple other mods i hope to do.

    well time for me to cruize the formuses and read about other peoples jeeps. btw do any of yall <born and raised texan> themes for your jeep's? my seats are getting my pit bull face put on them and paint job of the same < paint wont last too long lol but it be fun when it first on there.

    any questions you have of me i be glad to answer. i stand proud as a vet and will die proud of serve'n i am red white and blue to the bone but with respect i dont want to talk about iraq or politics. anything else is fair game I.M.O.

    joseph A.K.A. juros

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    my first toy jeep will be my new one


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        hi joe.
        lets see some pics of your jeep.
        thanks for your service.

        95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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          Thanks for your service and welcome to the site. Enjoy your stay.

          I fix things.


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            Glad you made it back safely. Thank you and welcome!
            :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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              i will be posting pics of the jeep once i get net at my house the mall wont let me load any pics on there comps to post. shouldnt be much longer till its done


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                Sweet. Welcome to the forums! Thanks for all your efforts. If you have any questions about your XJ let me know!
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