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hey everyone i'm new to the forum


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  • hey everyone i'm new to the forum

    i just found out about this site from DEAMER and thought i'd intro. myself.i'm bill and i just bought a '06 unlimited ,its totally stock and eventually i'll get a lift.i live in ca. and like to go up around burro schmidt tunnel and last chance canyon..thanks for the great forum site!!

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    Awesome...glad to hear youre taking it out.

    Welcome to the forum Join us at Calico if you can!

    2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
    Rock-ItMan all the way around


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      hi Tam,can a totally stock jeep make the calico run alright? and when is it? thanks,bill


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        Your Jeep can run it...but itd probably not be a great idea.

        Are you running the stock 215's or 225 tires? Im only worried about your rocker panels.

        That doesnt mean you cant come out and ride along with someone. Its going to be a big group this year. It seems to get bigger and bigger every year. Should be a great time.

        2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
        Rock-ItMan all the way around


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          yeah,i'd be worried about the rocker panels least till i get some rock sliders.maybe i'll come and check it out just to be around other jeepers.thanks,bill


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            Welcome aboard! Your Jeep rocks
            :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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              Hey Bill glad you made it. So are you going to get your brother to register?As far as taking a stocker through calico, I think some of the stockers took theirs as far as they safely could then they turned around. That was pretty far up the trail if i remember right. Like I was telling you at pep boys ,you you can get a lot of info from the forums for lifts and other questions you have. Glad to finally have a Local Jeeper that gets out on the trail.
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                well i dont know how far i can make it but being around other jeepers cant be all that bad ,thanks for telling me about this forum site!!!your right i can learn alot about how i'm gonna set my jeep bro. is registered as 94yjman,nice to meet someone out in, the el pasos are so close.


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                  Welcome! See ya on the trails.
                  :yay: Brian

                  "in the end... the rocks always win."


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                    We went a lot further then we expected last year with a stocker.
                    We did hit the transfer case skid some, and it has not recovered yet.
                    That was the only thing we dinged up, while up there. Our rockers are protected now though.

                    It was a good run last year. Wish that we where going to be there this year.

                    Just other things are in the way this year.

                    Have fun.

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                      welcome, jeep rule got some pic of your jeep? post some before and after
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