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    Any tips for buying a new jeep..I am thinking of buying a unlimmited . Wasnt sure if i should go ahead and buy the rubicon or not..Would you suggest Manual or automatic transmision??It will mainly be a daily driver but the trails look like a lot of fun...

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    rubicon models are very trail worthy out of the box. If you think you want to wheel it, it's a good choice. as far as manual or auto, both can work well off road. an auto will let you run hard core stuff a bit cheaper. it all depends on what you preffer to drive.

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      After playing on the rocks some, I would recomment an auto.
      I have the manual, and do like it, but it takes more finese on the trails and rocks.

      If you do not mind the extra cost, get the rubi. I wish that I did at times.

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        thanks for the input.I am leaning towards the rubicon . The forums are a great place to pick up some info..


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          Welcome to the forum!

          If I had it to do again, Id have got the Rubicon in a heartbeat. The extra cost will save you greif and heartache in the gearing, axle and locker department. On top of it, its all covered under warranty. Modifications done after purchase occasionally affect the warranty, those dont.


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            Welcome aboard! I got the Rubicon, but I can tell you that any TJ out of the box is very capable. If you don't get the Rubicon, make sure to get the D44 axel in the rear. As far as auto or stick... sometimes I wish I had gotten the auto, but it's a preference thing and I got the stick. I think crawling would be ALOT easier with an auto.

            The price difference is the key, and its hard to put lockers and D44 front and rear, as well as a lower geared transfer case, and 4 wheel disc brakes on a Wrangler Sport for the difference in the price to a Rubicon. And, like was said, it is under warranty. Plus, you get those way cool stickers... Oh, and 31" tires, which are not offered on the other TJs.

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              FWIW, an auto doesn't "crawl" any better than a deeply geared manual. it just costs more to deaply gear the manual.

              "in the end... the rocks always win."