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    Whats up guys/gals? My name is Joe...i figured i would make my first post an introduction...i have a 1986 CJ7...this car have been in my family for years...after contemplating selling it for the past 3 years or so, i finally decided i am gonna put some money into it and get it running has been sitting garaged for the past 10 or so years...over the past couple years i have been slowly been putting money into it, but now i am deciding to go at it head are some of the specs for you guys:

    ~258 inline6
    ~45,xxx miles on everything (body, engine, tranny, ect..)
    ~American Racing Rims
    ~Soft top
    ~full hard doors
    ~custom sound system with 2 subs, and a 10 disc changer
    ~3in lift

    The list goes on and on misc. little sh*t...anyways...more about me...i am from upstate NY, and drive a VW GTI as a daily dirver (which also has some little stuff done to it...air intake, smoked lights, ect...)...i know a decent amount about jeeps, but i am always willing to learn more and look forword to doing so...

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    Welcome to MJR

    You will have fun with the jeep once it is fixed up right.

    We did our first run with MJR to Calico this past weekend.
    Had a good time, and changed gears on what we where going to do to our jeep.
    It will now become a DD and a rock crawler. Not sure how the two will mix, but we will have fun finding out.

    Again, Welcome

    Todd & Teresa
    Gold Digger
    Proud to be an American! Sharetrails/BRC President.
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      Welcome aboard! How's the weather out there
      Your Jeep Rocks! ~Sarah
      :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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        Originally posted by Navy-Jeepster
        It will now become a DD and a rock crawler. Not sure how the two will mix, but we will have fun finding out.
        It all depends on what level of rockcrawling you intend to do. You can definately build a capable rig that drives fairly well on the pavement. The problem comes when you hit the hardcore stuff on a regular basis. Slowly but surely the rocks will take their toll. Today Erik was kind enough to point out I've got another bent flange on my rear axle. :mad: :oops: :poop:

        "in the end... the rocks always win."


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          oh yeah... welcome cj4me.

          "in the end... the rocks always win."


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            Welcome to MJR!

            1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport
            3" Rough Country Lift


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              Welcome to MJR! Glad you found us. Sounds like a nice CJ. Got Pics?
              Ya Savvy?

              Motech Performance


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                Thanks for all the warm welcomes...sorry...i wish i had some pics to show you guys...once i get goin on this project i wil update you guys wih some pics...i dont plan on doing too much off my main goals for now are just getting this jeep running solidly, and looking for the questions to begin...i will make another thread so this one doesnt get cluttered