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    Recently my wife informed me that she wanted a convertible, (BMW or Mercedes) which I wasnt too hip on the idea of spending that kind of money. Somehow I convinced her that a jeep is a convertible and would be lot more fun so we purchased a 2000 TJ. To keep a boring story short, after 10 years of marriage the only thing we seem to fight about is who gets to drive the jeep. We both really enjoy it and now Id like to start to fix it up.

    I dont imagine that we will be doing any hardcore rock climbing, mostly trails like the ones up near Big Bear and Pismo for camping (CA). Id like to put 33X12.5X 15 tires on 8 wide rims with a 4.5 offset from standard. I originally planned on using 10 wide rims but was cautioned against it because the wheel bearings on the TJ are a sealed bearing and too much offset would eventually damage them. Id also like to lift it 3 to 4 inches. There are a lot of kits available and its difficult to know which one is the right choice. A three inch lift is probably not high enough for 33 tires, but Im concerned that to do a 4 lift correctly might require lengthening drive shafts and/or transfer case and might get a little pricey.

    Id like to get rims and tires, lifted 3-4, and steering stabilizer for ~$2K. Am I in the ball park? I dont need a lot of articulation in the suspension and I would like it to be reasonably stable on the street. Do you have any suggestions on lift kits and tire that would meet our needs?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Chuck!

    There are alot of options out there. I won't say you can't get your jeep up on 33's for less than $2k, but before you decide what lift you go with, I would encourage you and your wife to go on some of the trips that get put together on this board (many of them can be done with a stock jeep). They are pretty frequent. Most of us start with a stock jeep, and never know how much fun can be had with them until we start going on some trips. It will also give you a chance to see how different kits perform on different types of terrain, and will give you a chance to talk with people face to face about their jeeps, giving you a even better idea of how you want to build yours. This could save you alot of $$$, it is cheaper to do it the way you want it the first time, rather than do it wrong the first time and then right the second. Watch out for the rocks though....they tend to be habit forming.
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      welcome to the board! we've got a great bunch of people here who can point your jeep buildup in the right direction.

      goodtimes is right! the best way to decide upon anything is seeing it in action. watch the trail rides section for new events!

      only a few months ago my jeep was stock - and it's great being a stocker because when everyone upgrades, they sell you their parts!!

      my only advice is this: don't buy a used locker and don't buy a detroit ez locker!

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        Originally posted by sarah
        - and it's great being a stocker because when everyone upgrades, they sell you their parts!!
        What do you mean??? j/k :yay:

        yes welcome... come on out, we'll show you what we think works. The one thing you could get in the meantime is a CB and antenna for trail comunication. see ya out there.

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          I think I have maybe $2500 in my Jeep.

          That includes, Rancho 2 1/2" lift, Rancho RS9000 shocks, 1" body lift, sun performance rock gaurds, kilby steering box skid, 15x8 rims, and of course, 33" GoodYear MT/r's...

          I have alot Id still like to do, but for the most part, I keep up with the guys. My Jeep, Emily, did awesome on the Rubicon Trail, and I was probably the most stock Jeep there, unless of course you consider Goodtimes and Seapahns Rubi's, but theyre locked. I think maybe the lift balances out the lockers...I dont know.

          Join US! Im not sure when or where the next trip is going to be. But youre more then welcome to go! Bring the wife and kids(if there are any...)

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            Welcome to the group Chuck! Theres alot of people on here that can help you spend your money :yay:
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