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    Hey all! Thanx for all the info on the Big Bear trails and book recommendations. You guys are super! I have never met an unpleasant jeeper (however some of those ford $ chevy drivers could use a lobotomy!);>)

    Just to fill you in on myself, I have a stock saraha that has taken me to Moab (Chicken Corners & Steelbender were my very first off road trails), then I did the JJ Big Bear in 2001, CORVA Poker Run at the Salton Sea, and last year I spent 3 weeks in Utah/Arizona travelling about and going on the JJ Arch Canyon and the Hole-in-the-Rock trails. I popped a wheelie on the HIR trail and screamed like a girl. Oh wait! I am a girl! I go to these events alone. Better alone than to miss 'em!

    I consider myself an Intermediate driver, although the JJ guides tell me I'm a great driver - don't they get paid to say that? I also consider off roading much like swimming, you should go with a partner.Which is why I picked "easy" trails for my trip.

    Jason, Thank you so much for the offer to join us, but we are celebrating our one year dating annirversary. You know how girls get.... I'd like it to be just me and my boy. I **WILL** definately take you up on your offer for Gold Mountain or some other trail in the near future. I don't get enough of it and I don't have any friends who enjoy it.

    Thanx again everybody!

    PS any runs planned for the July 4th weekend?
    Some girls like it rough!

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    Cool. Next time.

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      Welcome, cat!
      I moved this to the welcome forum, so you can have a proper introduction! So you said you go to these events alone - your man doesn't go with you? Hope to see you on the next trail run, and YES there are some unpleasant Jeepers out there, running this site I"ve run into them once in a while. It's all good though! To each his/her own.
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        welcome cat. see ya on a run soon.

        <question to self... why is it there arn't any single 30 year old jeep chicks???:confused: :yay: >

        "in the end... the rocks always win."


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          Originally posted by blkTJ

          <question to self... why is it there arn't any single 30 year old jeep chicks???:confused: :yay: >
          Brian Brian'll find one one of these days. And IF youre lucky...You may end up with one older

          2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
          Rock-ItMan all the way around