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  • New guy...

    Hey, been reading the board for awhile here and there, you've got a great resource section, and any trail I'm about to run I can usually find pictures of here. Working the night shift and thought I'd finally post.

    Just bought my YJ last June from a buddy with a few things done to it, and I've done a number on it since then. Did the spring over and axle swap myself. Starting to do some fab work. I'm a member of OC 4Play also. I enjoy rocks, but any ole trail is good as long as I don't get too much mud under the body...such a pain on the eyes

    Here's a couple pics of my rig.

    If it works, it's time to try something new

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    I know that tree... start of miller Jeep trail.

    howdy from another second shifter.:yay:

    see ya on the trail.

    "in the end... the rocks always win."


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      hey chef. Welcome to MJR!!

      Rocks are good!
      Ya Savvy?

      Motech Performance


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        Nice pictures
        *Pebbles* 02 Sport Canyon Package
        Rockers by Commander
        Jeep Owner since '96 87YJ


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          Heya Chef!! Dumb question, are you a chef? LOL
          Your Jeep Rocks - great pics! Hope to see you on the trail
          :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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            i was in high school...a pastry chef at wolfgang puck's cafe in the block of orange. now i'm a large format printer, i print banners and signage and do stuff like what's on my window in the above pic.
            If it works, it's time to try something new


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              nice rig!

              Hope to meet you on a trail run in the near future.

              So, can i take it you can make just about any sticker anyone could think of?

              /runs off to start thinking of a sticker creation
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                haha pretty much, we still have a vinyl plotter even though we don't use it much. the stuff on my window there is clearfocus, like on buses. i run a couple of these and a couple of these . they're more for signage then stickers but i do run decal. just not quite the quality of silk screening. these printers were designed for billboards and now are tweaked to run higher quality.
                If it works, it's time to try something new


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                  Hey socalchef welcome to MJR.
                  Cool looking pics...of the Jeep that is...I don't know enough about printing equipment to tell if those are cool pics.
                  1953 M38A1
                  A mix of original military history and dune running/rock crawling customization


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                    Nice Jeep!! And welcome to MJR!!!
                    1993 Wrangler Black, 4" ProComp Lift, 33s.
                    Glad to be back in California!


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                      Great looking YJ! Welcome to MJR!

                      I fix things.


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                        Welcome.............always nice to see another YJ, nice set up you have there.
                        Have you hugged your Jeep today??


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                          WELCOME TO THE BOARD! it is always nice to see another yj around here.

                          95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!


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                            Welcome aboard.You have a nice jeep.


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                              thanks for the compliments on my rig. i've put a lot of work into it this past year, it's a lot of fun to take out. hope to see some of you on the trail soon.
                              If it works, it's time to try something new