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  • I'm new here

    Hello everybody, I just found this site and think it's great. I'll start off by telling you a little about myself. I'm from Nebraska, don't hold it against me.(any other NE folks PM me, I need wheeling buddies) I'm also a staunch Republican as you can probably tell, I would like to run for office when I grow up. (I'm only 27) This is my second Jeep, my first was a 94 red YJ 4 banger, I got it stuck in some water and was forced to leave it overnight. Well the snow melted overnight and when I came the next morning it was hood deep. I threw a rod shortly after that and replaced the motor, it never ran the same so I traded it for a Camaro. While the Camaro was fun, I had already been biten by the Jeep bug so less than a year later I traded it for my current TJ. I couldn't be happier, I made sure to get the 6 cylinder this time but didn't get the D44. I'm single but live with my girlfriend, I tried to talk her into getting a Jeep too but she wanted a Saturn SC-2 so thats what she got. Well, thats pretty much my background, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. Here are some pictures. This is my TJ. This is my YJ sunk. If you look close you can barely make out the black top. And finally, this is my Camaro.

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    hey welcome to is down,so your pics arent coming up.i will check back to this thread later.I wanna see your pics. Sully


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      hey, don't worry about the nebraska thing... some of us grew up in places like Wisconsin and Michigan (Go Huskies!!! oops I mean Badgers) Welcome.

      "in the end... the rocks always win."


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        Welcome to MJR!!! I'm married to king4wd and we live in Ca. We have two kids, a soon to be 12 year old daughter (preteen, great ) and a 2 year old son. We have a 1998 Jeep Wrangler 4 banger and a 2003 Dodge Neon R/T. My dream car was and still is a camaro, but I would also love to have a 1969 Dodge Charger (actually, had one, but it was the brother's which he didn't want and sold ) I guess I'll get these when I win the lottery, yeah right! Sandy, Keep dreamin!

        Anyways, welcome again to My Jeep Rocks!!!
        1993 Wrangler Black, 4" ProComp Lift, 33s.
        Glad to be back in California!


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          Welcome to MJR!! I dont have a story . . . but I'm sticking to it.
          Ya Savvy?

          Motech Performance


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            I'm the one that caused a ruckus last weekend. Stick around me and there is never a dull moment...if there is...I will do something silly to break the monotony.

            Hey, if I can afford that road trip to Kansas next year I might have to drive a little farther north. I am planning to go out to Kansas to visit Mom and check on the farm. (I am not from Kansas...I just farm there.) I am planning on hooking up with a Jeeper in Oklahoma so I am taking my Jeep on the trip.


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              Welcome aboard!! HOW DID YOU SINK YOUR JEEP!?
              :gun:'99 TJ Sport:gun:


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                There isn't any good wheeling in Nebraska, we have to go to Kansas to go anywhere legal. It's pretty crappy here, I'd like to move somewhere else...I'm still considering it. As to how I sunk my Jeep, I was stationed in Illinois and one night me and a few of my friends were out on my buddy's four-wheeler and I decided I would like to go through our regular trail in my Jeep. I started to go down the trail and the water was getting pretty deep so I stopped. My friend said "come on, you can make's a Jeep" so of course I couldn't back down so I went ahead and got stuck. We tried to hook up to my friend's truck but the strap was too short so we left the Jeep and called all the tow trucks in the book but they all said no because there wasn't any solid ground for the tow truck to sit on. We were forced to leave it over night and over night the snow melted and rose over my hood. The next day I was desperate so I went to a near by construction site and asked if they would pull me out. I told him "I will pay you whatever you want" He said he would love to pull me out and he got his 4 wheel drive tractor and pulled me out. He wouldn't accept any money, he was a really stand up guy. After that the Jeep was ruined. Thats the story of my stupidest mistake. Good thing I learn from my mistakes.


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                  I am learning from a doozy of a mistake right now. So don't feel bad. I too had a bad case of "Won't back down." It's a Jeepers worst disease. Curable by breaking things.

                  The only wheeling I ever did in Kansas was on the farm in Salina while visiting my parents. It was very safe in the fields after harvest...just muddy at times. I had a safety net called "Dad and His Tractor". The truck was a 1980 Chevy Luv with narrow mud tires and no lift. I thought it was fun to bounce the truck off the ruts or fling mud if there was any.


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                    ...After that the Jeep was ruined...
                    Do couldnt get it running again?

                    Oh! and WELCOME TO MJR!

                    2002 TJ on 35s a bit of lift with some stuff
                    Rock-ItMan all the way around


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                      I blew the engine and replaced it with a used one but it never ran the same. It spit and sputtered and I think the tranny was shot also. I had a hard time shifting gears. If I let go of the clutch the engine would die unless I gave it some gas while idling so I had to push the clutch with my left foot and hold both the brake and gas with the right. It got old so I traded it for the Camaro.


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                        Famous last words.......

                        Originally posted by RepublicanJeepr
                        My friend said "come on, you can make's a Jeep"
                        Famous last words.... "come on, it's not that deep!"

                        Capt. Jim
               and www.Jeep4x4.US

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                        "One Love, One Destiny. One Earth, One Chance! Symbiosis"


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                          welcome, and we keep politics (except road laws) to other forums!!! Keep on wheeling!
                          of all the things I've lost, I miss my
                          mind the most


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                            welcome to MJR! you sure have had a few wild jeeping experiences
                            tell us more!
                            oh, and the section for political debate is the kick the can section... always open for moderation

                            95 yj, locked lifted, and ready to rock!